Journey of Hope Rides with Zia Team in Corrales 4th of July Parade

Those amazing Carrie Tingley Hospital Kids are at it again!  On July 4th,  20 Riders from the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation’s Zia Adaptive Cycling Team and 24 Riders from the Journey of Hope (JOH) rode in the 1-mile route for the Corrales 4th of July Parade. Approximately 20,000 spectators lined the streets.

Journey of Hope is a cross-country bicycle trek beginning in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle and ending together with all teams in Washington, D.C.

Riders from the Journey of Hope rode east into Albuquerque from Gallup, NM meeting up with the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation’s Adaptive Cycling Team to ride in the Corrales 4th of July Parade.  At the end of the ride everyone enjoyed a lunch together in the Park and compared bikes and talked about their ride.

The riders from JOH are college students, and their goal is to raise both money and awareness for individuals with disabilities.  Riders get pledges to support their ride and to provide grants to nonprofit organizations that support individuals with disabilities.

 “Several of the folks from Journey of Hope have interest in adaptive sports and had good questions about what was out there and what sort of opportunities there are for children to participate in Adaptive Sports.” – Zia Team Coach, Scott Hubbard

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