Rio Rancho Baseball Teams Raise Money for Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation

Cleveland Storm Baseball Team Raises $2,700 for The Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation

By Cori Galles

Baseball story Natalie Trautwein and Mayor HullBaseball Story Lane Helm and Mayor Hull

We recently published a heartwarming story about a young patient of Carrie Tingley Hospital, Lane Helm, who wanted to raise money to help other children with challenges like his own.

This fundraiser was a great success and we would like to thank the Helm family, the Cleveland Storm Baseball Team and the Rio Ranch Public Schools for raising over $2,700 for the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation.

The two baseball teams competed on April 29th in a game organized by Lane Helm, a Carrie Tingley Hospital patient, organized the event with his family and the schools.   Carrie Tingley Hospital families attended the event for Free and Lane Helm threw the first pitch out to Rio Ranch Mayor Hull.

Lane’s fantastic pitch was even captured by KOBTV in Albuquerque.

Every dollar counts at the Foundation and it is heartwarming to see so many people working hard to help the patients and families of Carrie Tingley Hospital.

If you would like to help the patients and families of Carrie Tingley Hospital please contact the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation at (505) 243-6626 or email us at